Living from Your Heart to Awaken Your Divine Potential

Ongoing Classes

Traci's garden view toward housePLANT WISDOM HERBAL INTENSIVE/APPRENTICESHIP…Herbal program is for a period of 9 months, meeting once a month for 2 days.   This is a hands-onherbal intensive that will give you the opportunity to go with and connect with Mother Earth/PachaMama, bringing you into balance, emotionally, spiritually and physically, while giving you an understanding of the Plant Kingdom and their many gifts.

What you will learn:  Plant Identification, Creating herbal medicines, formulas, teas, tinctures, etc.; Create an herbal first-aid kit; Learn how to incorporate herbs in your cooking (the Ancients medicine) ; Cultivating, harvesting, medicinal, ornamental, and culinary uses; Herbs for the specific Body Systems, (Nervous, Immune, systems, etc.); Herbs for family, women, men, children, pregnancy, conception and pets; Wild crafting; Plant energies & actions; History & Folklore of herbs; Learn of the different kinds of herbalism, Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic & Indigenous; and much, much more…Contact Dixie for more information:


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