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Plant Wisdom Medicine Intensive for 2016

woman in forest W deer & animals PhotoPLANT WISDOM HERBAL INTENSIVE/APPRENTICESHIP      “The plants will by your teachers.”

This herbal program is an opportunity for us to connect deeply with ourselves and to develop a connection with our herbal green allies, while giving us a deeper glimpse of that which is possible for us in our relationship to the natural world thru plant spirit medicine/shamanism.

Please be willing to make a commitment to the program. We will be meeting two days a month from 10 a.m. until 5:00pm for a 9 month period.  We will be meeting a on Mondays & Tuesdays, the 3rd week of each month.

You will learn the folklore and the traditions of the plants that have been handed down to us throughout history. You will begin by creating a home apothecary and as the season progresses you will fill your shelves and bottles with wonderful high quality medicines for yourself, family and friends. We will spend time in the fields, forest, gardens and in the sacred kitchens. There will be homework assignments, and each student will develop a plant journal full of details, information, and recipes about the plants.

We will be spending time connecting with the Green wise woman healer within(men will find the Green wise man within), while hiking, gardening, wild crafting, creating herbal medicines, discovering herbal nourishment and more. (You may even discover that deep within you carry the Plant Spirit Shaman energy)…. Creating sacred space through nature awareness guided visualization;  Practices in compassionate communication, as there are many different methods of connecting with your Plant Allies,  and more……We will be guided through gateways to the green world.

Participants in this program leave with a strong foundation in herbal wisdom and  a deeper connection to themselves and our Earth Mother (Pachamama).beginning we will focus on incorporating herbs into daily life to promote health. Subsequent sessions build on this knowledge and participants develop a first aid kit, and learn to apply herbs for common injuries and ailments.

This program is seasonal, so in addition we will harvest plants of the season; generally speaking leaves and buds in the spring, flowers in the summer, seeds and roots in the fall and from the pantry in the winter. In order for this program to provide the deep learning that is required, participants are asked to attend all sessions. No make up sessions will be provided. Serious students will be encouraged to continue beyond and after a full year of study participants may be offered the opportunity to complete an internship, working closely with Dixie to offer classes, make herbal wares, sit in on consultations and vend at area events.

An apprenticeship is a commitment and a journey. You will be asked to engage in the process on many levels, including practical, physical, spiritual, emotional and more. Please be prepared to work on all of these levels. If you are not prepared for this, then you may find that taking our individual herbal classes, at this time  and consider the apprenticeship program at a later date. This is a hands-on program with the goal that each student finishes with an in depth understanding of many medicinal plants in the local area and beyond. A detailed monthly schedule, which includes homework and materials needed for each class will be given out a month in advance to each student. Materials are not included in the cost of the class.

You will be introduced to several herbal data bases, authoritative texts and are shown how to do research.

My goals for the successful apprentice….Upon completion of this program  would include: that  each apprentice will be able to identify and ethically wildcraft herbs from the wild areas, competently formulate and make many types of herbal medicines, tinctures, oils, etc,; Understand the actions & energetics of plants;  How to incorporate medicinal herbs in our food to create medicine;  Have a deep knowledge of the various kinds of herbalism;  Know the history/folklore of herbal medicine;  An extensive knowledge of herbs, their uses, etc.; An intro. into Plant Spirit Medicine/Shamanism;  Remembering our deep love, connection and understanding of our Earth Mother and all Beings;  The knowledge and ability to cultivate, grow, harvest and use herbs in an ethical way,protecting and honoring Mother Earth and all her creatures, while creating your own herb gardens.   Above all, you come out with a sense of community, the love and gratitude for the many gifts we receive from Pachamama;  A deeper knowledge of your inner-self, in order to better understand your  purpose and reason for being on the planet at this time. …..Most of all this is a journey all about LOVE, JOY & FUN!!!!!

If you are interested, you MUST give this careful consideration…………… Initial enrollment fee is $150. This is a non-refundable deposit to hold your place in the classes and to assure me that you are sincerely interested in attending. Then by the first class, the remainder($1,200) is due (total for class is $1,350) (payment schedules can be arranged, total if on payment plan is $1,500) After payment has been received, there will be a trial period of one month, (during which a refund of $1,200 (less handling fee) is possible(if paid in full at time of acceptance), should there be a personality conflict or other unavoidable reason for termination of the apprenticeship.) After the 30 day “trial period” has passed, no refunds will be given. Unexpected emergency family situations or other serious events beyond your control which necessitate early termination of the program would be considered as valid reasons for partial refunds of the tuition costs.

If you should  wish to apply for the apprenticeship program, and are accepted, I wish for you’re learning process to continue on, uninterrupted, to its completion. The program is set up for 5 or 10 apprentices simultaneously as I prefer the one on one (direct teacher/student training as possible). I teach by demonstration and through practical, hands-on, rather than books, alone. I will recommend some books that will be helpful during the apprenticeship, in order to better understand the physiological processes, terminology, and plant identification ( the cost of these is reasonable, through Amazon (used).

If this sounds like a program you may be interested in and will work for you…and you feel that  you really have the determination to see it through to its completion…then please contact me  for an application.

I would feel it an honor if we could embark on this amazing journey together, into the wonderful world of Herbal Plant Medicines,  Spiritual connection to the Gardens, our Mother Earth and….. Ourselves…       \

.MOST OF ALL, BE PREPARED TO HAVE FUN, WHILE WE LEARN & SHARE our many gifts…….. Many, Many Green Blessings….

.Dixie, “Woman of all Green Things,

Grandmother of the White Buffalo Lodge”

PLANT WISDOM HERBAL ~ APPRENTICESHIP application/registration forms available by emailing me at

MORE UPCOMING CLASSES…………..In Calaveras & Amador Counties


How does one approach the vast study of herbs??  Where do we begin??  As a preventative medicine, herbs are inimitable, they build and strengthen the body’s natural immunity and defense mechanisms..Herbs support our life force.  At first this may sound a bit overwhelming, however it is a remarkably easy , joyful and very use full skill to learn.  In this class we will be working directly with the plants, learning through the 5 senses (taste, smell, feeling, observing, listening)…The difference between “Vending Machine Herbalism vs Holistic Herbalism……This is an experiencial class, you will be involved…..There will be recipes and handouts to be shared.  We ask again…..Where do we begin??….We invite you to take the first step, come and join me, (Dixie) as we embark together, on this amazing journey into the wonderful world of Herbalism.   We invite you and we welcome you whatever level of herbalism you embrace.


WHEN:  TBA    COST $35

CONTACT:   Dixie  at (209)573-0553





Guess what?  When we were kids and we had minor ailments, Grandma treated us with items from her kitchen, pantry and back yard….So we will be learning proven remedies of yesteryear that may help us to heal, save money & time…In some cases healing faster, more safely with little or no side effects…If this sounds like something that you may be interested in…This is the class for you.  This is a hands on experiential class where you will learn how the herbs in our spice rack can be your medicine.  This class is packed with information on:  healing properties of herbs & spices; home remedies for digestive, respiratory imbalances; to reduce stress, headaches and much much more. Recipes, handouts will be available…Bring your notebooks.


WHEN:  TBA            TIME;: 1pm – 3pm    COST:  $35

CONTACT:    Dixie 209-573-0553

CREATING AN HERBAL FIRST~AID KIT(from our kitchens and our yards)

In treating ailments of an everyday nature we need to be aware of the healing plants that are a part of our lives.  You may be amazed to find the healing power that is in your yards and your kitchen, right at your fingertips.  A good herbal first-aid kit consists of items and herbs that can be used for a variety of purposes.  Many of your favorite kitchen herbs camouflage their healing spirits in culinary use.  Inside and outside our homes we are surrounded by nature’s magical cures.  This class will help you to understand how the food we eat, spices, herbs and plants in your yards, meadows and forests are all provided for us in Mother Nature.


This class is for those who are interested in a healthy approach to daily living..achieving healing and wellness through the understanding and careful administering of herbs.

We will explore:

Common disorders and herbs that are effective for treatment

Selection & Storing herbs

Herb Preparation

Herbal Anti-biotics

6 step prescription for radiant health and vitality

EDIBLE FLOWERS(Cultivating, Gathering,Culinary Delights)

Have you ever eaten a flower?? In this class we will explore the cultivation, the best blossoms for eating, common sense cautions, preparing flowers for the dinner table, baking and preserving.  We will learn the Ten Rules of Edible Flowers and receive exciting and interesting recipes..also we will experience a very special  FLOWER TASTING CEREMONY….There will also be samples of goodies to taste…so bring your sense of adventure and your taste buds and be prepared for  FUN, FUN, FUN…..


In this class we will be learning how to harvest, store and prepare herbal medicines…Tinctures, infusions, decoctions, poultices and salves…you will receive recipes and be able to take home some samples….This is a hands on class with lecture…so come, share, learn and enjoy.


“75% to 90% of all doctor visits in the U.S. today are for stress related disorders!!”

Change your perception and you will change your reality.  Learn to relax, de-stress and create balance in your body, mind and spirit.  We will explore ways to clear physical and emotional tensions, anxiety, blockages and more……Learn to use the power and intelligence of the heart and our connection to herbs, plants, and Pachamama (Mother Earth) to bring our biological systems, including the brain into balance and harmony.


This is an exciting class…we will be gong on a Herb Walk and also learning about the proper Protocol for Wildcrafting….Yes, there is a special way, a way to honor the Plants and Pachamama…we will also be learning to identify the herbs in our local area…some you may be surprised to find that they are in your own back yards..and you may call them “weeds”.  Wear comfortable walking shoes, dress according to the weather (hopefully it will be beautiful) bring a lunch, drinks or snacks.. it is also useful to bring a note pad, pen, and camera if you like for identifying plants at a later date…just a note:  we will not be harvesting any herbs in the wilds…we will be learning, sharing and observing…this is a fun class…See you on the trail.

More Classes at a later date…..




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