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LemonBalm photo Good Morning all you Magnificant Beings…..I have just had the most wonderful time this morning…first, I harvested more Honeysuckle (a daily task for me, this time of year) and while processing Miss Honeysuckle, I did some Mindful Meditation…a great way to start the day…gifts from my garden….Then, back out to my garden to transplant some Lemon Balm….I got the plants from my Daughter’s garden in Arnold…Not only does Traci(my darling Daughter) have a wonderful Herb Shop called A Thyme For Herbs, she also has a beautiful herb garden…and of course she shares with Mom (I taught  her well, Ha Ha).

Transplanting Lemon Balm(Melissa Officinalis) is easy  and fun, she is in the mint family and we all know how well mint grows….but, in my opinion, One can never have enough Lemon Balm…While chatting with Miss Lemon Balm(who likes to be called “Melissa”, just a heads up, if you find yourself talking to her) informed me that she grows up to 3 feet tall and has opposite oval leaves that are hairy and slightly serrated. She says, “My flowers grow in cluster os pale yellow, rose, or light blue and show up at the height of summer. You can tell that I am related to the mint family, because my stems are square…and also you can find me in gardens or sometimes in wild places, like fields, roadsides and near creeks……..I have so many gifts for you, says “Melissa”, not only am I an incredible  medicinal healing herb, I am great in the kitchen, you can add my leaves to salads, stuffings, fish, lamb, and much, much more…I am especially fond of Children ….they love me because I have a lemony smell and I help with their colds, cough and fevers, I taste good and I am a fun plant for children to grow.”

Well, gotta go for now…I really feel the need for a nice cup of Lemon Balm Tea….

From My Heart to Your Heart…Many Green Blessings….Dixie



Wildcrafting/Herb walks with Dixie

Greetings and Green Blessings to all….I had such great intentions yesterday of finding Miss Nettles and Little Star Lady (Chickweed) but alas…as in life things change and in the process the most wonderful things happen….I thought I had my day all planned out…(silly me…) I feel that searching and connecting with our Green Allies is a great metaphor for life…we are looking for something  specific (we think)…then guess what we are sent in another direction …which was where we were headed in the first place…Love how that works.

Right behind my home is a wonderful wooded area and I felt sure I would find Little Star Lady in my sacred wooded area…but..Nooooo….nor did I find Miss Nettles…So off I went to this wonderful trail off Highway one that connects to the beach( I had no idea it was such a long trail) …but being the dedicated(or crazy herbalist that I am)  I felt I was up to the challenge..It was wonderful …as I started out the first Allie(however, sometimes she is not such a good Allie) Miss Poison Hemlock(Conium maculatum)!!!!….as I passed her with just a “how do you do” and touched her, not….I came upon many other green Allies who were ever so much more friendly…Miss Yarrow(Achillea millefolium), California Sagebrush(Artemisia californica0,  Miss Wild Oats(Avena spp.),  Miss California Buckwheat(Eriogonum fasciculatum),Miss Arroyo Willow(Salix lasiolepis),Soap Plant(Chlorogalum pomeridianum), and Miss California Poppy(Eschscholzia californica)…these are just a few that I encountered on my journey…I never ceased to be amazed at how many healing plant Allies are in our own yards, meadows, woods, etc…just waiting for us Humans to acknowledge them in an honorable way,  so they can be of service to us…Well that was yesterday…today I will go again(its supposed to rain,..not a problem).

Love to all and Many Green Blessings….Dixie