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Spring is here…Hello “Miss Violet”

FSweet Violet(Viola odorata)  PhotoI really love spring…..I love all the other seasons, too…However, there is just something, for me about spring that makes me aware of new beginnings, regeneration, new growth and the hope that fills my heart with Joy.

Yesterday, as I was in the gardens at A Thyme for Herbs…I was so happy to see that the beautiful “Miss Violet” is blooming in all her wonderfulness!    It is said that if you gather the first violet in the spring your dearest wish will be granted(but first, you must ask her permission).  Ancient Greeks wore the violet to calm tempers and induce sleep.                                                          This little jewel in our gardens is so amazing, not only does she share her beauty and her wonderful fragance that is soooo uplifting, she also shares many medicinal properties that are so beneficial to us.  Fresh violet tea is very yummy,  she can be used for poultices, cold infusions, Violet flower syrup…just to name a few….Her principal actions are primarily demulcent, astringent, bitter.  She is great for the lymphatic system, however first and foremost Miss Violet nourishes, so eat her flowers and leaves(be sure the leaves are the very young ones), she is rich in minerals and abundant in vitamins A & C, and is  wonderfully soothing  for inflammation of the sinuses, just to name a few of her healing abilities….

From Hildegard of Bingen’s(who practiced herbalism over 800 years ago) we were given, what she felt was one of  her best skin remedies, The Violet Salve, which is effective against scar tissue:  she says “Take violets, press their juice, and strain it. Weigh olive oil to one-third the weight of the violet juice, and take goat’s fat exactly the same weight as the juice.  Let these three ingredients simmer in a new pot and it will become a salve.”

So, while in my gardens and being out in Nature, I will definitely take time to stop, admire and pay homage to this wonderful little Lady of our plant kingdom.   For she is special, there is much we can learn from her, remembering, always  to be grateful for the  many, many gifts that she is so willing to share with us.   Thank you, thank you, thank you, Miss Violet, we honor you.

Many, many green blessing and joy to all.


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