Living from Your Heart to Awaken Your Divine Potential





Personal & Spiritual Growth ~~~~ Expansion ~~~~Conscious Evolution

“Unlimited Potentiality, Space for Pure Potential”

“We are all Spiritual Beings having a physical  experience and many of us are waking up to the awesome power of our true inner selves, outside the confines of ego-based desires and realities.  If this resonates with you, this could be the group for you…This group is intended to serve as a space to come together in discussion.”

This is a heart centered group of like-minded women who are looking for a different possibility in their lives, to grow, expand, evolve spiritually, consciously, mentally, physically and make a difference in their World and our Planet.

This is not a religious group, but rather a spirit, mind and body exploration circle that will be meeting once a month to explore and expand our conscious evolution, our growth.  We are seekers who are willing to remember who “we really are and why we are here.”  All seekers are honored and welcome…. This “space” is intended to accommodate and support various individuals….We welcome teachers, healers, and students who are beginning or have been on their journey for a long time.  This circle serves as a safe “playground, a sacred space” in which guidance and support is provided through talking, sharing, creating and contributing to one another, demonstrations, presentations, discussions that will provide opportunities for greater understanding of your world, our Universe, Humanity and our Planet as a whole.

WHEN:  TBA     TIME:  TBA        COST: Love Donation- $10(to help pay for the space)

Please bring finger food or a snack to share


CONTACT:  Dixie Lee Norkoli,


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