Living from Your Heart to Awaken Your Divine Potential

Sustainable Wildcrafting

Arnica photoThere is nothing quite like being out in Mother Nature, along a creek, on a trail or in the forest on a beautiful clear day walking among the plants and listening to the stillness and the messages that we can receive if we are aware….when we are silent we can hear them whisper,  immersing ourselves in their Magic….within  the deep connection(if we are worthy) we are  then given permission to receive their gifts of healing, joy, peace and harmony….this is such an honor and makes my heart sing…..speaking from a “dirt worshiping tree huggers” point of view…..

Harvesting plants is a part of an ancient tradition.  For me, wildcrafting is an art and a spiritual experience, a chance to connect with Pachamama (Spirit of Mother Earth).  As with all beings we need to ask permission, state our intention, and our gratitude…before we begin to harvest.  To collect plants for their medicinal properties or therapeutic use, it is my belief that expressing your intention to the plant is as important to the making of medicine as are the herbs chemical constituents, and thus therapeutic properties.  Studies have shown that plants are affected by the emotional, spiritual and physical environment (time of day and conditions, etc.) in which they are gathered.

In Belize, the medicine makers and Shamans pray to the plants as they harvest: “I thank the spirit of this plant and have faith with all my heart that this plant will cure the ills of the people.”  Other herbalists simply say, “help and heal” as they collect the plants.  It is said that if one does not thank the plant, its spirit will not follow you home to help.  Once harvested, this spiritual connection continues throughout the processing of the herb.  Every step is taken with consciousness and appreciation for each plant tht has given its life so that a human being may benefit from its properties and actions.

Another important spiritual aspect of wildcrafting comes from simply being familiar with the wild plants.  Familiarity: knowing the names, recognizing and knowing properties of plants in one’s local invironment, provides a certain security and comfort.  If the economy crashes or one becomes “lost in the woods,” the wild plants can provide nourishment, survival, and healing at many levels.  There is little doubt among gardeners, plant lovers and “tree huggers,” that plants and people create an  affinity with one another.  Plants can “speak” to you, guide you and help you in times of ill health.  They provide beauty, uplifting vibrations and some can even remove toxins from the air.  There is something unique and special about the teaching of the plant kingdom….all we need to do is be in nature mindfully, be silent and listen… listening…. so that we may hear their voices……this alone can be a healing experience, just being in the beauty of Nature….Thanks for checking in with this “dirt worshiping tree hugger”….I am off to the woods to learn and enjoy the energies of the “Plant Kingdom” until next time, many, many Green Blessings


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