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REIKI and BEYOND…Everything You Always Wated to Know About REIKI…But Were Afraid To Ask…..

Reiki hand with rainbow fireREIKI & BEYOND..Everything You Always Wanted to Know About REIKI…But  Were Afraid To Ask…..

As Humanity evolves, so does REIKI…There are a variety of Reiki systems out there and if you are Reiki you may find this class helpful.  If you just want to “brush up” on your skills or maybe you would like to learn more of the ways that we can incorporate Reiki in our lives to be of service or just interact and share with others who practice  Reiki….This could be the class for you…Some of the topics that we will address in the class are:

How to heal with Sekhem-Seichim Reiki

Review of hand positions, symbols, etc.

Reiki for animals, plants, etc.

Healing the Chakras with Crystals & Reiki

Teaching Reiki and giving Attunements

Teaching Reiki to caregivers

Teaching Reiki to children with special needs

Heart clearing, power center clearing

Reiki during pregnancy & conscious conception

Reiki Healing attunements

Chakras & the corresponding organs & systems in Reiki and more……

Whatever level of Reiki, you are welcome…this class will meet on the Third Monday of every month from 6:30pm until 8:00pm.  Pre-registration is required.  If you pre-register Cost is $10 … the door, cost is $15.

Classes will be held:TBA

For Pre=registration Call:  (209)573-0553   or e-mail:

Classes are please call early….   Dixie


One response

  1. Nikki

    Hi Dixie. I am interested in attending your reiki class. Starting this month I assume
    Looking forward to it

    September 6, 2013 at 1:57 am

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