Living from Your Heart to Awaken Your Divine Potential

Plant Wisdom Herbal Intensive/Apprenticeship

Medicinal herb gardenwheel photoHi & many, many green Blessings…the Journey is beginning….We are embarking on an Herbal journey…for a nine month period, two days a month,we will be spending time in the classroom, wildcrafting, herb walking, in herb gardens, creating herbal medicines, etc.  This is a hands-on herbal intensive that will give you an understanding of the herbal world that you will benefit you, your family, pets and friends.   This is a journey that will take you within to your Heart, connecting you with our Mother Earth/PachaMana.

What this course covers:  Plant identification; Creating herbal medicines, formulas, teas, tinctures, etc.; Creating your Herbal first-aid kit; How to cook with medicinal herbs; Herbs to nourish and facilitate healing in the systems of our bodies; Wildcrafting with integrity and honor; Herbs for family, women, men, children, pregnancy & conception; and your pets; Plant energies & actions; Plant Spirit medicine; History & Herbal folk lore;  and much, much more….

This class will be held the second week-end of every month, beginning on:   TBA  TIME: 10 am to 5 pm   PLACE: TBA

If you feel the Plant Kingdom calling to you….come join us, for an exciting, expanding fun filled journey into the world of Herbs and much, much more.  Contact me: Dixie at  for more information and an application…I feel it would be an honor and a privilege to share this journey with you….many green Blessings …..                         Namaste


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