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Exploring the Plant Kingdom thru the eyes of Children..

Baby under tree-pure love PhotoJust came in from the garden…..watching my three little kittens playing in and around all the plants brought to mind the joy of discovery and how our children see the beauty, the magic and the wonder of a Garden.  Now that school is out, what a wonderful time to introduce our children to the Plant Kingdom and the sacredness of all living Beings, reawakening their connection to Mother Earth(they are so in touch with Nature).  Of course as we share with them, we are renewed ….as we see all the beauty and love through their eyes, perhaps once again seeing the wonder that we experienced as a child.  I know I spent most of my life out with Nature, such a blessing, I am so thankful to my parents, and grateful to them for instilling in me my deep connection to our love Mother Earth.

There are so many great herbal projects for children  to help them learn in a fun way… make a natural  toothbrush; there are many games, Become A Plant;..and wonderful books to identify  what is a weed, what is an herb, their uses, safety, etc,;  they can learn that” plants have feelings too”; how they should walk in the forest; learn Wildcrafting; honoring the Plant Kingdom, while connecting with the magic.  If you are blessed to have an herb garden, they can learn the honorable way to harvest and make their own Teas, etc.  Through song, dance, story and experience children will love learning about how Mother Earth sustains all life, all her gifts and the joy of being outside…..and you will undoubtedly connect with that little girl/boy inside of you….most of all enjoy your children, have fun….

Here is a Children’s Happy Potion

Do you feel sad or blue?  Well, cheer up with the Children’s Happy Potion!  Lemon balm and chamomile tea is a perfect combination for many children’s complaints; restlessness, insomnia, whining, crying, colic, teething, sadness and depression.

To Make:  Infuse 1 teaspoon lemon balm and 1/2 teaspoon chamomile in 1 cup of water.  Strain and sweeten to taste.~~~Leslie Tierra

Thank you for spending so time with me in the garden…Many Green Blessings,




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