Living from Your Heart to Awaken Your Divine Potential

The Magic of Trees

Baby under tree-pure love Photo Ahhhh…the Majic of Trees…lately, it seems that the trees have been calling to me…so I have been spending lots of time out there hugging every tree in sight….On Earth Day I went to Sequoia National Park (for the first time) …and was absolutely in awe of their majesty, sacredness and beauty.  I have always known the healing qualities of the different trees and their medicinal qualities, but…never realized the Magic one feels in their presence.  I found one of my books, just recently  written by Scott Cunningham, called Earth Power…and he talks about the Magical Power of Trees that I found interesting…here are a few with their magical qualities: APPLE: healing, prosperity, love, perpetual youth ~ CEDAR:  prosperity, longevity ~ CYPPRESS: past-life workings, protection ~ ELM: protection ~ EUCALYPTUS: healing ~  LEMON: divination, healing, chastity, neutrality ~ OAK: healing, strength, money, longevity ~ OLIVE:  peace, fruitfulness, security, money, marriage, fidelity ~ PINE: purification, health, fortune, prosperity, fertility ~ WILLOW: healing, protection, enchantments, easy delivery of babies, wishing . …and of course there are many, many more.

It is said that the trees with which you cultivate magical relationships are things to be treasured; visit them often.  When you can arrive at the point when you accept the trees as friends, you have achieved a powerful bond between yourself, the earth, and even beyond.  I know….from  personal experience the healing qualities of just spending an hour out under a tree, with your back pressed against it, or just holding a branch or the leaves or hugging it,  honoring it in anyway that feels appropriate to you…. that magic, peace, joy, balance and healing can be found.  And its FREE…not too much out there in the Medical world that is healing… that is FREE…Just one of the many gifts that the Plant Kingdom has for us….

Many, Many Green Blessings



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