Living from Your Heart to Awaken Your Divine Potential

Wildcrafting and Herb walks with Dixie

Traci's garden view toward houseHi Beautiful Ones….Yesterday,  there was a break in the weather and I really felt the need to get out and connect with the Nature Spirits. It seems for days the area around the Lake has been calling me…so I took off to experience  the Plant Kingdom and  the wonderous gifts that Mother Earth  had for me on this beautiful spring day…there were many, as always……..It is always so exciting to me, to see which Plant Allie will speak to me at any given time….but it seems the one speaking to me yesterday was Oatstraw(Avena sativa) she is still young right now, but as the seasons change, she will grow and mature. In the meantime, she has a message for us…Oatstraw Speaks….”My name is Oats.  I am priestess of Ceres, great mother of grain.  I am the archetype of fertility. I am Corn Mother.  I am the mother’s gift of nourishment.  I am the mother’s gift of love. Love. Love.  I am Love” spoken to Susan Weed….if only we all could hear her message….She is a wonderful Green Plant Allie that we so often overlook and she is here to say..” I bring you many, many gifts.  I am a strength-giving food, a nerve tonic, love potion, and  a rejuvenator and much, much more”…..try this recipe   Festival Oatcakes 1/4 cup butter                                       Melt butter and honey carefully. Stir in oats, wine and 1teaspoon honey                                 pinch of salt.  Add more honey slowly to suit your taste. 1 tbls. wine*                                         Form little cakes, put on an oiled baking sheet & bake more honey                                          at 350 for 15 – 20 minutes or until brown. optional: 1/8cup rasins 1/8 cup walnuts *elderberry or dandelion Preparation time: 30 minutes unless you taste the wine too frequently! Until next time…….. Enjoy!!!! Many Many Green Blessings, Dixie


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