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Wildcrafting-Herb Walks with Dixie


What fun, I am off today in search of our Green Allies, Miss Chickweed (Stellaria media) or the little Star she prefers to be called…She has so many wonderful qualities and uses….so today I will go in search of her so that I may sit with her, smell her, taste her, draw her and I listen to any messages she has for me…she and I will play….then with her permission…I will harvest a small portion of her for my Chickweed salad and Pesto….or maybe a Chickweed Poultice if the need arises…so many uses for such a sweet little plant…some may call her a weed…but oh what a weed…she serves us well….I send her many green blessings and thank her for her service to us…

Chickweed Pesto:

1cup fresh chickweed

1cup fresh basil

1/2 cup olive oil

Optional(but it is really good)

3/4 ounce shredded hard cheese

3/4 ounce pine nuts or walnuts..or get wild and experiment with hazelnuts, etc

I like to add garlic to the mix

put Garlic and nuts in and blend/chop first…then add the rest to your blender or food chopper, add more oil if necessary..put in containers and add a little more olive oil on the top, cover with lid..can be refrigerated or frozen…..Namaste, Dixie


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