Living from Your Heart to Awaken Your Divine Potential


Namaste …..Many Green  Blessings…. I am  Dixie Lee , I am Love ….., I am a healing facilitator/educator, and I am  so grateful that you have taken the time to pop in and visit with me…’s a little bit about what i do……and how I may be of service to you……

During My Earth  Journey of over more than  40 years, I have been blessed with an inquisiteve mind and a passionate Love for Pachamama, the Plant Kingdom, Humanity, the co-creation of our realities, the honoring of the  Spirit in all things;  plus healing and Vibrational Medicine and how that all relates to our Earth Journey…….My researching, interacting and practicing in the Alternative/Complimentary  health field while exploring the Spirit World….has been a wonderous journey for which I am so grateful…In this process, I found myself  becoming … a student;  an Herbal Educator as a 4th generation Herbalist; a Reiki Master/Teacher – practitioner; a HeartMath 1 on 1 Provider;  an Emotional  Code Practitioner,  and above all …..I gained a deep connection and reverence for the Spirit/Soul in all beings ….and am experiencing the true joy of being in Universal Service to Pachamama and  all of humanity…..Much of my training and teaching has been in the “knowing” and “acceptance” that we all come from Source and we are all One.


I have studied for years and always continue to learn… first with the Elders of my family,  my Grandmothers, my Grandfathers, my Aunts, Uncles, and my Mother..with them I learned and experienced  Western, Native American, and Spanish Herbalism….Also,  along the way, I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers that shared their time, their love and their  knowledge of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine,  Traditional Chinese Medicine , Western Herbalism, Sacred Plant Medicine, the Lakota Medicine Wheel teachings, Shamanism,  Reiki, and many types of Vibrational Healing with me…..I am most grateful for my clients and students for the many gifts they have given me through the years….I love you all…..but, I would be amiss, if I did not add here …..that one of my greatest passion is working with the Animal Kingdom…some of my most wonderful experiences  and clients have been with  wild animals as well as pets….and their response to herbs and vibrational healing has been a joy unfolding…they are teaching me so much……and I feel so blessed and grateful each time I work/play with them……Blessing to all……

My primary focus is empowering you to come into balance and heal yourself….. with energy balancing techniques (vibrational healing, Reiki, Emotion Code Release (“trapped emotions”);  HeartMath; herbalism; nutrition and  by sharing with you some simple but very powerful tools that will enable you to better understand our Oneness with the earth, with each other, our friends, our family and most importantly….to regain and maintain our balance, our sense of Joy and the magic  in our lives,…. as we experience and navigate our way through the challenges and choas that we encounter on a daily basis.

I acknowledge and place my trust in the Divine Spirit ~ Universal Source ~ Creator…….And s a Certified Licensed Joyologist, I believe that our lives are given to us as a gift from our Creator and it is our Divine Right to live in Joy, Peace, Prosperity and Abundance…these are our gifts…and our lives are meant to be lived in Joy as we journey to find self-empowerment, enlightenment, expansion, our Life’s Purpose, and connect with our I AM presence….It would by my pleasure to share my gifts with you…I would consider  it a blessing to work(Play)  with you…as YOUR  Journey unfolds……..Many Green Blessings

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Dixie Lee Norkoli, C.L.J.

Phone: (209) 573-0553



  •      Sekem,Seichim,Reiki  1 & 2,  3 &4
  •      Reiki Sessions
  •      HeartMath Sessions
  •      Emotion Code Release (Trapped Emotions)
  •      Distance Healing
  •      Reiki for Animals
  •      Herbalism for Animals
  •      Distance Healing
  •      Herbal Consultations
  •      Herbal Products
  •      Visionary Art -”Spirit Stones”
  •      Sacred Healing Gardens
  •      Classes, Workshops & Seminars
From My Heart to Your Heart

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